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The Application-2-Infrastructure Mapping for an application is the information about the network, compute and storage used for the application system deployment. Application-2-Infrastructure Mapping is mission critical for system deployment life cycle. In most organizations, the Application-2-Infrastructure information is not easily available and often it is tribal knowledge. There are tools in the market claims to auto-discover and create the mapping for you. The reality is that there is no tool in the market that can auto-discover and create Application-2-Infrastructure Mapping for an enterprise applications portfolio. The first iteration of creating Application-2-Infrastructure Mapping is manual in nature. The Mapping tools such as BMC ADDM and HP ADDM will auto-discover the infrastructure elements also known as application elements but application owner needs to define the mapping rules. The tools have a library of these rules for some of the popular applications technology stack that doesn't cover 100% of an enterprise application portfolio. The standard library often misses covering the custom implementations for a popular applications technology stack.

Sample Schema Elements for Application-2-Infrastructure Mapping:
  • application Name
  • application Description
  • application environment/landscape(s)
  • application serviceUrl(s)
  • serviceUrls DNS / GTM / GSLB / L7LB Configuration
  • application VIPs / LTM / LSLB / L4LB Configuration
  • application Network Information
    • Internet / WAN
    • Zones / vLANs / ServerGroups
    • networkfirewallRules
  • misc access and security controls
  • web server(s)
  • application server(s)
  • database server(s)
  • misc servers such as batch, messaging queue etc
  • data replication methods and tools
  • server(s) storage LUNs mappings
  • server(s) NAS mappings
  • server(s) technology stack
  • server(s) Operating System Processes
  • application dependencies - common/core services
  • application dependencies - enterprise applications services
  • application dependencies - external applications services
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Estimating Efforts for Applications Infrastructure Migration is an art and science. There is no simple answer and can't be estimated by just looking at the technologies involved. Technology is one of the important domain but not everything to create estimates for timelines and resources required to complete such a task. The domains that has direct and indirect relationship for estimating efforts for Applications Infrastructure Migration are given below:
  • ITO Service Model
  • Applications Meta Data
  • Transformation Complexity
  • Organization
    • IT Maturity Level
    • System Deployment Life Cycle
    • Structure
    • Culture
    • Miscellaneous Constraints
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BigData Hadoop Implementation Maturity Model
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