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Complexity Postponement : Often development projects will address relatively simple tasks first, postponing more complex issues until later in development. This can result in architectural changes and problems occurring towards the end of the development phase, forcing significant re-work.

Organizational Change Management : New business processes, systems, tools, and techniques can be a challenge to organizations.

Requirements Discovery : Project requirements that surface - often after the requirements have been base lined. It can also refer to vague or incomplete requirements that aren't fully explained until after the requirements gathering stage.

Scope Creep : The addition of a significant new requirement(s) that are out of scope of the original project. Scope creep can result in schedule delays and cost overruns.

Stakeholder Participation : Often times IT project stakeholders have a mission role for their organization that is not IT related. Sometimes these stakeholders do not adequately participate in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) activities so that their views are not understood and incorporated in development activities.

Decision Inertia : We all voice our opinions, we all hear everyone's point of view, but we never really conclude anything. You possibly have too many people involved in the decision making process than actually needed.

Lack of Governance : Often deployment and install issues pin-point the differences found in development, test, and production environments and out-of-date estimates for sizing the underlying infrastructure. Also causes delays in receiving development and /or deployment environments.

Lack of Feedback : When you feel pushed to agree a date that simply cannot be achieved under any circumstances. Or, a highly ambitious target becomes a moving target where all the odds are stacked against you, but you feel you have to try anyway. For some reason you hesitate to communicate with stake holders.

Lack of Documentation : Lack of documentation creates challenges for operations and maintenance of production applications, and make training to new developers more difficult.

Lack of Experience People : Challenge to find and keep appropriately experienced people.


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