07/04: Professional Highlights: Apps, Data, and Artificial Intelligence

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Shortly after earning a Master of Science in Operations Research and Statistics at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Bombay), I joined as a Research Scientist in the Artificial Intelligence Lab for the Computer Science Department. I developed an AI application for routing and scheduling crews that delivered operation efficiency of 36% for our customers and won numerous awards and national recognition.

Later, moving to the United States, I worked as a Software Engineer with companies such as AT&T and IBM. One key highlight was developing security architecture for single sign-on for over 200 mission-critical apps at AT&T. It was followed by a stint with NLM, where I delivered Data Integration between the NLM and FDA, Search Engine, and Conversational AI for self-service.

Next, I worked at Aol as an Operations Architect, a key role in enabling billing and subscription services and setting up enterprise standards and best practices. While at Aol, I earned a Master of Science in Technology Management at George Mason University and a Chief Information Officer Certificate at United States Federal CIO University.

Over the last ten years, I have led consulting, solution center, and pre-sales at SRA International / General Dynamics Information Technology, CenturyLink / Savvis / Lumen, and IBM / Kyndryl. Notable Accomplishments in Apps and Data Space:
  • SRA International / General Dynamics Information Technology: Executed the modernization of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's vaccine adverse event reporting system (The Largest Program in the World) to enable self-service and green initiatives to deliver digital reporting and remote work options.
  • IBM / Kyndryl: Onboarded a large new logo client in the insurance industry to adopt Hybrid Cloud, DevOps, and API-driven managed services to deliver on-demand one-click Guidewire Apps environments, reducing the environment delivery timeline from 45 days to 8 hours.

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