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Posted by: bagheljas
First of all, let's understand Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). In nutshell, the service catalog for an enterprise SOA is built for re-usability by multiple internal and external consumers, not for mere system integration for a single consumer.

The Enterprise SOA adoption strategy pillars are Platform Value, Platform Commitment, and Platform Activities. Using these pillars, one can develop SOA adoption strategy and plan that suit their organization values and culture:

  • Platform Values: Ability to deliver quality products faster and cheaper. For business, it is all about economies of scope and scale. For IT, it is plug and plays development as much as possible that is not re-inventing the wheels. In other words, re-usability.
  • Platform Commitments: To win application owners support and confidence the platform needs to make commitments to be available, scalable and backward compatible.
  • Platform Activities: Establish SOA collaboration, not just governance. Create continuous education for business and IT. Catch at the conception to onboard new applications and proactively refine service catalog to onboard new and existing applications.


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