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Category: General
Posted by: bagheljas
  • App to App dependency (Internal and External) needs protocol transformation for cloud deployment
  • COTS products current license is not supported for cloud deployment
  • Gaps in Application grouping and Sequencing also known as Wave Plan and Detailed Migration Plan for each wave
  • IP based configurations that sometime even hard coded in the application code
  • Application platform components clustering protocol not supported in the cloud
  • App to Infrastructure dependency needs architecture transformation for cloud deployment
  • Application platform components and underlying middleware & operating systems has direct binding with the server hardware platform
  • Application system architecture needs to be revised for matching the current performance baseline
  • User functionality and experience impacts by network latency sometime needs to be addressed by re-design of the application architecture
  • Transformation of proprietary implementation of Load Balancers and Security Controls in WAF, Firewall, IPS/IDS etc.
  • Transformation of services/systems deployment life cycle management tools and processes such as monitoring, backup and recovery, automation (config, build, patch and deploy), ITIL etc.


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