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Fast Public DNS Servers are available free for internet users from trusted vendors like Google, Verizon, DNSAdvantage, OpenDNS and Norton. You also have choice to leave default DNS servers provided by the Internet Service Provider you are currently connected to go to the internet aka IPS's DNS.

You have advantage in configuring your personal laptop using the Fast Public DNS Servers than ISP's DNS by getting the speed of name resolution and protection from the man in the middle and domain phishing attacks foster by a free WiFI and Internet Service Providers.

Public DNS Server

On MS Windows: Open network connections. Right Click Properties. Open the TCP/IP Properties. Click on Use the Following DNS Server Addresses. Enter your choice from the Free DNS Service Provider table on left. It is recommend to pick the Public DNS Servers from the different service providers for high availability user experience.

In Enterprise setup like coroporate LAN/WAN one must use primary DNS provider from Corporate Intranet that usually starts at 10.x to resolve the corporate intranet DNS site domains and you may select secondary DNS server from a Publlic DNS service provider.


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