01/04: Enterprise Applications Rationalization - Introduction and So What?

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Posted by: bagheljas
Enterprise Applications Rationalization is a process to create business-driven application system architecture. That demands continuous input and collaboration across business, technology, and operations. We often find that enterprises lack support from business owners for the Enterprise Applications Rationalization. The Applications Disposition Strategy from applications architectures and runtimes only is a recipe for disaster down the line.

So What?
Enterprise Applications Rationalization is the mission-critical journey for any enterprise. Not doing it can put an enterprise in the same boat as Aol and Yahoo in a matter of time. The III-Phase approach enables an enterprise to stay relevant in the marketplace with the end-to-end alignment from a business model to the application runtime.
Identifies Initiatives to adopt technology innovation to prepare for startup disruption and improve the competitive landscape.
Build roadmaps for Business, Applications, Systems, and Enterprise Architecture for delivering Phase-I initiatives and issues solutions.
Enterprise Applications Portfolio mapping into Retire, Retain, Replace, Rehost, Replatform, and Rewrite (SixR) in alignment with the objectives established in the previous Phases.


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