23/04: Enterprise Data Platform: Industry Leading Approach

Category: Best Practices
Posted by: bagheljas
Industry Leading Approach is to create an Enterprise Data Economy built on Data Collaboration, Data Democratization, and improved User Experiences for Data Research and Artificial Intelligence. It has ingrained Data Privacy, Security, and Resiliency capabilities. The solution design uses the following guiding principles those are from the article, Data Platform Innovation: Industry Leading Practices.

  • Cloud First while extracting the life of current IT investments
  • Utilize Data Ops to automation for Data Services and Backup & Restore Data
  • Utilize Distributed Data Architecture and Data Mesh for Data Democratization
  • Design for real-time use cases and ease of data research tools integration
  • Flexible Data Stores with anytime availability of the Raw Data
  • Identify and Use AI Tools to Handle Data Quality Issues
  • Utilize Data Hub, Data Fabric, and Data Navigation for ease of Data Discovery and Collaboration

Use Reference Architecture from the article, Data Platform Buzzwords: Introduction and So What?, to assess and design the Data Platform Target State Architecture.


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