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The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) defines:
  • Organizational structure and skill requirements of an IT organization
  • Set of standard operational management procedures and practices to allow the organization to manage an IT operation and associated infrastructure

The operational procedures and practices are vendor independent and apply to all aspects within the IT Infrastructure.

ITIL's main objective is to align IT with the business. Therefore, business is the ultimately driver, not IT.

The current version of ITIL v3 introduced Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation and Continual Service Improvement as the core five texts.

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  • SSL Cert Key: One should always renew SSL Cert with newly generated key. Don't order or renew SSL Cert for more than 2 year validity. Presently, recommended SSL Cert Key length is 2048. Never email or transfer SSL Cert Key over wire as clear text.
  • SSL Session Cache: SSL implementation is a CPU intensive step. SSL implementation with Session Cache helps you optimize the need and usage of CPU.
  • SSL Offload: L4 switches supporting SSL are highly optimized than Web App Servers for performance and operations management. Implement SSL Offload to L4 Switches.
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When there is a conflict between CSS and HTML about the display of a specific tag, the CSS will overide HTML. If there is not conflict, than CSS display properties will cascades existing HTML style specifications. The cascading of styles is called inheritance. The content of a tag will inherit properties from HTML element and/or CSS specifications.

The General Order of Precedence: (* the rule listed last takes precedence)
  • Inline Styles
  • Embeded/Linked Styles*
  • Linked/Embedded Styles*
  • In-line HTML
  • HTML Defaults

Other relevant rules of precedence:
  • The rule listed closest to the element takes precedence
  • Child tag take precedence over parent tags
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  • Increased Design and Layout Capabilities
  • Centralize Style Specifications
  • Increased Throughput form Network and Web Server
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  • Linked : a separate style sheet document that can be linked from any HTML document. Override only HTML.
    <link href="mystyle.css" rel="stylesheet"/>
  • Embedded: a block of code that apply to the html document only. Override Linked Styles and HTML.
    H1 {font-size: 16pt; text-align:center}
  • Inline: declare styles directly in an HTML tag and applicable to the content of the tag. Override all other style declarations.
    <H1 style="font=style: italic"> HeadingOne </H1>


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